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Our Early Years Learning Centre

Yirram Burron Early Learning Centre, located in Sebastopol, has been thoughtfully designed to cater for the various kindergarten and early years age groups and programs we deliver to the Aboriginal Community.

At Yirram Burron, the sister centre to Perridak Burron Early Learning in Brown Hill, our educators use natural colours, cultural elements and pops of artwork to provoke interest and thought. 


Our outdoor environment has been developed in collaboration with an Outdoor Play Space designer, supported by the Ballarat & District Aboriginal Co-operative Executive Team. This captivating space incorporates:

  • Natural elements

  • Curves

  • A yarning circle

  • Dry river bed

  • Sensory garden

  • Water pump station

  • Sand pit framed with boulders

  • Climbing fort

  • Decking

  • Seating area

  • An array of native plants and paths to navigate  


Our yard will continue to embrace cultural considerations with the ongoing journey of creating a bush tucker garden and story line poles, with Bunjil the Creator overseeing the children in the beautifully landscaped yard where they will have lots to explore and learn. 
Our indoor learning areas are designed for two separate learning spaces. Our larger learning space is designed to facilitate 3 and 4 year old Indigenous kindergarten sessions. The next door space provides an opportunity for an array of other services and care including Playgroup and Maternal Child Health Nurse visits, allied health professionals, parenting programs and other early childhood specialist programs and support sessions.


Our rich learning environments will provide our Aboriginal children with everything they need to support their successful learning journey through to formal school engagement. All learning environments will offer small personalised pockets of discovery that support all developmental areas of learning, treating our educational environment as the third teacher, helping to shape the minds of curious learners.

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