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Please register your interest in enrolling your child/ren through the Expression of Interest option below.  Once there is a vacancy available, you will invited to formally enroll your child. Our service gives priority of access to children whom are;

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children

  • At risk of serious abuse or neglect

  • A child of a sole parent who meets the activity test through paid employment

We encourage families to contact us and make an appointment to have a walkthrough of our service and discuss the needs of your family with our Manager. 


If you are happy with our service, you are provided with a ‘welcome pack’ that includes an enrolment form, along with other information. This enrolment form must be returned and fully completed before your child can commence care. 


Alternatively you can download an enrolment form from this page and bring it along completed with you. This includes attaching a copy of the child’s Immunisation History Statement, a copy of their birth certificate, as well as their green health book for sighting.


When there are no vacancies, families are invited to join our waiting list and are contacted immediately when a vacancy occurs.


All parents and families are encouraged to make use of our ‘Orientation Process’ as outlined in our Orientation Policy where each child is provided with two x 2 hour sessions free of charge. This enables the child and their family to become familiar with the service and our educators, and to discuss any important information prior to the child starting their permanent placement.


Orientation session times are decided between the Manager and family to best meet the needs of the family and child. Families are welcome to stay throughout the orientation period. Further orientation sessions can be organised if required. These are dependent upon the needs of the child, family and service collectively.

Enrolment Expression of Interest Form 

Thanks for submitting!

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